General Information

Before attending the event, please read the general information carefully. It is an important part of the experience and will ensure every visitor’s peace of mind. Do not hesitate to ask your nearest steward, security guard or volunteer about anything you are interested in during the event.

  • Tickets will only be sold at the box office before the event if they are not sold out in advance. Please keep an eye on the official channels for more information and updates on this.
  • Under 7s (inclusive) get in free but must be accompanied by a parent or adult relative. The accompanying person must have a regular ticket and complete a declaration form.
  • Persons under 12 years (inclusive) must be accompanied at all times by a parent, guardian or relative over 18 years of age and complete a declaration.
  • The event is filmed with video and photo cameras. By entering, each visitor gives their consent to be filmed. If they do not wish to have their photographs or videos used for marketing purposes or published online, they can contact us at during or immediately after the event.
  • All one-day, two-day and ULTRA ticket holders will receive an access wristband which they do not need to remove once it has been affixed. The wristband is made of a special durable material and is wettable. This wristband will ensure your hassle-free entry and exit during both days. Any breach in the integrity of the bracelet will render it inactive. Do not attempt to remove it to pass it on to another. If your wristband has compromised integrity, please bring it to the door with your ticket. The staff will make the necessary checks and may replace it for you if deemed necessary. Note that in some situations you may be refused a replacement. In the event of deactivation, you will need to purchase a new ticket if you wish to enter the event.
  • Parking spaces around the Inter Expo Center are limited and the local lane will be unusable between the hours of 08:00 and 15:00. We recommend using public transport, metro or taxi. There is also paid underground parking with 1300 spaces with access from both lanes of Tsarigradsko Shose. Follow the information signs next to it.